Hypnotherapy for Fertility in Salisbury Wiltshire

On 24th June 2015 ITV featured a couple who had conceived with the help of Hypnotherapy for Fertility. The woman was aged 40 and sadly had suffered 5 miscarriages in 4 years. You can watch this show on  Leah and her husband James talk about how they were taught to relax and to be more at ease with what was happening, feeling supported throughout their journey towards having their baby son. Whilst her fertility difficulties were unexplained, she was diagnosed with endometriosis. As a result, Leah believes she subconsciously told her body that she couldn't concieve and that it may not be safe to due to her experiences of miscarrying. Once she learned through Hypnotherapy to let go of the struggle, allowing her body to "do it's thing", she concieved and had a healthy pregnancy.

At Mustard Therapy and Coaching in Salisbury Wiltshire we have 20 years of experience in using hypnosis with our clients to help them concieve. 

Once a couple/woman decides to try for a baby, all too soon as the months pass it can become all encompassing, all consuming, obsessive. If month after month it continues not to happen-she can experience feeling detached and isolated from the world, a profound sense of sadness, scared of ‘what this might mean’ 

This emotional rollercoaster can bring along feelings of:

Isolation-it can feel like you are on your own, no-one else can understand, what will people be saying? Withdrawal from support network at the very time when they need it most

Jealousy-about a friend’s pregnancy, you see babies & pregnant women everywhere

Depressed- Beck’s cognitive triad of the negative outlook on the self/world/future-it all looks bleak.

Anger-I don’t deserve this, why me, I told you we should have started 5 years ago

Hostility-My partner treats it as no big deal, how dare my boss tell me off about a piece of work, like that even matters

Sadness- unable to enjoy anything in life, nothing matters anyway, a helplessness develops

Confusion I don’t understand what we are doing wrong

Profound yearning-Suddenly it never seemed more vital to have a family

Loss of the baby you never got to build a relationship with, perceived loss of identity as a woman or a man

Denial I’m okay, it’s no big deal, putting on a mask, really it is okay-we are alright as we are aren’t we?    

Our role as hypno-psychotherapists

So on one side you have got the challenge of the need to understand and express how you are feeling, and coping with life in general, managing the whole experience from the starting block to wherever the finish line ends up being.

On the other side these feelings will be a contributing factor in preventing successful conception-a vicious circle.

The focus of my work with clients is not just about them hopefully getting pregnant, but is about helping our male or female client to re-establish control over their lives. It may be dealing with the emotional toll of infertility treatments, or supporting you in looking at options for the future.

Whilst we cannot guarantee a pregnancy will occur, but it can increase/maximise the chances following work in the therapeutic space by addressing the psycho-physiological barriers. There is a wealth of research showing that hormone levels, ovulation, spermatogenesis and other reproductive factors may well be affected by what is going on in a client’s mind; both thoughts and emotions.

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