What to expect

What can I expect from seeing a therapist/coach?

  • To be listened to
  • For your views to be valued
  • Being able to speak your thoughts frankly without fear of retribution, criticism or judgement
  • To be encouraged to take responsibility for your own mental and emotional health
  • To focus on changing what you want to change and on achieving your goals
  • To work at your own pace whilst maintaining your direction and momentum
  • To rely on the right professional support when you find the therapy / coaching challenging. Even positive change can be daunting. The right encouragement and reassurance at the right times is vital
  • To have session lengths, frequencies & fees agreed from the outset
  • To know that all information is treated with the strictest confidence. Any exemptions to this should be made clear before therapy begins (e.g. where you are risk to yourself or to others)
  • To have confidential notes regarding your sessions kept securely locked away. Also to have access to your personal notes upon request
  • To have the opportunity to review your target/goal on a regular basis throughout the course of the therapy/coaching

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